Mud Bar and Restaurant’s Wine List

Mudbar’s Wine List has some 150 wines mostly from Tasmania, each style of wine has Tasmania’s best representation which is supported by wines from our favourite areas that produce the best wines of that particular style.

wine selectionWe have a smattering of Old World wines; we specialise in a selection from Burgundy in France which have been hand-selected to show the best of northern Burgundy. The reason for this is the demand for Tasmanian pinots today is outstanding and it has become our favourite grape that we have chosen to specialise and showcase the two together here at Mudbar. Our customers are thrilled to read our List and so far, they love the choices we have made to offer them.

Many of our local customers love to experiment with wines from elsewhere but as visitors to Tasmania and our restaurant increase so does the demand for our wonderful Tasmanian wines.

We have personally selected each and every wine on the list so that we can cater to almost any palate. It is, of course, our favourite pastime as is spending time in our cellar space of two tables for two with short legs! These tables can be booked!

Mudbar’s cellarmaster

Our fabulous Elle, the goddess of the cellar

Mudbar’s cellarmaster is Elle who studies wine from its history to current vintages including some Old World regions.  Elle knows many stories that occur with each season and the events affecting vineyards that producers have had to endure to produce their wine.  Her local wine knowledge comes from love of what she does for us and our clientele at Mudbar.

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