Mud Bar and Restaurant's History

Don and Mel Cameron have created four great restaurants in Tasmania. Mel’s gracious service and Don’s food became legendary. They have earned a huge following from loyal customers and the many staff they have trained over the years, most of whom know of the void that was created by the loss of Mel in 2015. Her handbook, Mel’s Way, sets the standard our staff continue to uphold to ensure our diners have the best time at Mudbar.

Mudbar now
& beyond

Mudbar is the finest of the five restaurants that the Camerons have created. Prior restaurants owned by Don Cameron: Stillwater, the Black Cow, the original Tidal Water in St Helens are left far behind in his latest move to Mudbar.

The Customer First pledge that Mudbar staff embrace has hit the button with Mudbars’ patrons. This is a feel-good place to eat and be seen and a cool place to hang out.

Seriously good food

Visitors will have to compete with a crowd of locals who love this restaurant and bar. The staff are super helpful; the food is seriously very good.

There is a casual element at Mudbar that patrons relax into. Dining here appears not to be as serious as the previous restaurants however, there is a huge focus on real product and awesome flavours with super tasty Asian combinations evident throughout the menus. These flavours are also reflected in the food available at the Bar.

Mudbar’s Wine List is one of the very best in town and tops up the food beautifully. Bar Bites and vegos catered for superbly well and of course, our Asian customers love the flair that has been added to our cuisine.

Kristian – Chef de Cuisine, and Felix

Kitchen Stars: Kristian – Chef de Cuisine, and Felix

Mudbar Farm

For some years now, Mudbar’s Don Cameron has bred and supplied the restaurant with the most delicious hand-raised lamb. The paddock-to-plate conversation that lots of restaurants speak about but do not really do is actually carried out here at Mudbar. Don is dedicated to breeding the best and is cross-breeding very successfully five breeds of lamb to produce a delectable product.

Mudbar - The Bar

Well done!  You have picked THE Bar spot to end up in town, right next to the marina. Along with our super Wine List, we have a huge (of almost everything, it seems) range of liquid delights.  We have a range of boutique beers and spirits that the sophisticated and thirsty crowds are seeking today.

Great Whiskies including Tassie’s finest, tasty Vodkas, and, of course, a range of superior Gins (the ‘in’ thing) plus the latest cocktails are a specialty at Mudbar. We also have a wide range of scrumptious mocktails so everyone is covered.

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28 Seaport Blvd - Launceston Tasmania